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JEA works closely with three great associated companies, each serving its own segment of the market. This creates an amazing crossover of ideas, inspiration and energy, where everyone benefits.
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pocket-sized power of communication

The ideal marketing tool, easy and quick to use. BooQi is all about convenient, informative pocket-sized folded leaflets. These attention-grabbers are the ideal way to convey any message. At the same time, BooQi is an international marketing agency that helps its customers directly in perfecting their marketing campaigns with the coolest BooQi’s. Concept, design and distribution: just leave it to BooQi.


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Bijzondere boeken:

our publishing house

Ordinary books are in no short supply. JEA’s publishing house specializes entirely in exclusive collector’s items. What once began with a hugely successful collector’s book about the complete history of Dutch pop music has grown today to become a fully fledged publishing house, brimming with creative ideas: books for fans and for fans of books!


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Ten Klei:

partner in direct marketing

For years now, specialist in variable printing for direct marketing. Win codes, database publishing and unique personalized printing. An indispensable service for many a campaign. Ten Klei is also a big name among major DM agencies in the Netherlands.


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JEA wins BIM award 2019
Presentation ‘Chronicles of the Royal Air Force’


Paper made of tulip waste
Special book: Eye Care Foundation