Paper and ink love each other. Just let them do their thing, and before you know it you’ll get the most colourful markings, wildest creases and most bizarre stripes imaginable. Awesome, but chaotic. Hence the long tradition of printers: craftsmen who steer this combined action in the right direction, to end up with printed paper that is perfect in every way.
Since our foundation in 1819, our world has been one of perfection too, of special ink and impeccable paper types, brought together to produce the most wonderful creations for our customers. The name Joh. Enschedé Amsterdam spoke for itself: true master printers to perfection.
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Far beyond perfection
But for a true master, perfection can never be a purpose in itself. The mission of what is today JEA is much greater. We want to help our customers get ahead with smart ideas that make their communications more powerful. And paper is naturally the most amazing basic material. It’s sustainable, clean, flexible and tactile.
What’s more, paper goes perfectly with new advances in technology – with digital processes, smart logistics and special materials. That’s why JEA has designed its own workflows, security procedures and logistics tracing system. We are also set up for food-safe processes and work with a team of creatives, smart go-getters who have complete freedom to think outside the box and help customers with surprising, original ideas.

Paper that amazes
We are making paper more and more powerful – more engaging, more communicative. By adding state-of-the-art technology to paper, we achieve amazing effects. To see kids jostling each other in the supermarket to get that one football sticker. So that universities today have complete faith in the authenticity of their diplomas. So that car dealers everywhere in Europe receive the right car manual on time. And so that a city marketing agency gives tourists the right impression of the city.

However creative and ahead of the game you want, JEA always gives paper that extra magic touch. Power to the paper!