Activation with high

fun factor

Heineken’s communication bureau was looking for a fun alternative to the traditional scratch card. JEA developed a card with a surprise inside.

Scratch cards are popular, and there’s a reason for that. Scratching them excites multiple senses, and ensures a positive experience, because you see immediately whether you’ve won something. That’s why many major brands use scratch cards for activation.

 JEA specializes in scratch card promotions, which often have major prizes. At the same time, we are always looking for alternatives to surprise the consumer. We developed the Break card for the Heineken agency. It’s unique because, instead of scratching, you bend the card. The front breaks open, and you see immediately which prize you have won.

 In the shape of a Heineken bottle, this promotion has a high fun factor. The card was produced in six languages, with one of the five possible prizes (at random) on the inside.

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