An ambitious project: 520 pages with wonderful photographs about the long history of the Dutch Air Force. From design to lithography and printing, this was one project JEA couldn’t say no to.

The Ministry of Defence and JEA share a long history. In the year 2019, we still print the magazine Our Air Force, for instance. JEA’s publishing arm is crazy about special books, and it was two and a half years ago that it got talking with the Netherlands Institute of Military History (NIMH).

Putting together a Chronicle of the Royal Air Force was high on its agenda. This was following the release of the Chronicles of the Navy, which grew to become a standard work in navy circles after its publication in 2003. The institute was looking for a reliable partner who could help create this 520-page book. An ambitious project, where no effort or expense was spared to chronicle its rich history.

A team of historians spent years working on its content, giving rare documents and the most wonderful photos from the archives more depth. Our lithographer (a dying trade at other companies) was asked to arrange the many black-and-white photographs in contrast to each other. JEA also handled the design and printing of this phenomenal edition, which is also available in bookshops.

The book was released on 14 June 2019.

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