In close cooperation with Maastricht University, JEA has developed a method for the remote printing and signing of diplomas. 100% secure!

Thousands of students graduate from Maastricht University every year. They receive their diploma along with a list of marks and supplements in a special diploma folder. What’s so special is that the documents are generated in a fully automated process and cannot be forged. JEA thoroughly researched this process with university staff. That provided new ideas for a secure and extremely efficient work flow.

And a secure connection sends the university files containing the details of the passing students. JEA processes this for each faculty to generate the necessary diplomas, supplements and lists of marks. These are printed in our own high-security room. Each security document is signed or initialled with a unique security feature that cannot be copied. JEA produces the documents and packages them per student. And then off they go to the university by security transport. Ready for graduation day!


The secure, efficient and easy way to make and order diplomas

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