paper made from

tulip waste
14 October 2019

Paper made from tulip waste? That is what we call recycling! JEA, Keukenhof and paper producer Schutpapier have joined forces for this sustainability project. A unique and beautiful collaboration!

Until recently, making tulip paper was only possible with parts of the tulip. We have managed to process the entire tulip in a sustainable way into tulip paper. Last summer’s laboratory tests were so positive that we started the production for making tulip paper.

The tulip waste, received from Keukenhof after the flowering season, has been cleaned by the JEA team for further processing. What followed were various grinding and reducing steps. After this the tulip material was ready to be processed into paper.

After a long search, we have found a good paper producer who had experience with the processing of vegetable material in paper: Schutpapier, a company with a 400-year history in the making of paper.

During this special test project, we learned a lot about the processing of plant material. For the future, we are looking for new challenges and organizations that want to make a difference with us and contribute to a circular economy.

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