Elections are a stressful period for local authorities, where all sorts of things have to be organized. JEA takes much of that work off your hands and organizes the printing for elections exactly the way you want.

JEA is specialized in secure and confidential printing. And with elections, that’s a good thing. We work for many local authorities large and small as a reliable partner when it comes to printing for elections. Voting passes and ballots are meticulously checked and securely stored. This production work is handled at JEA by screened staff only, who have electronic access to the high-security areas. In addition, all unused material is destroyed under strict supervision.

Partnership and end-to-end service
Our entire process of short lines of communication, quick action and end-to-end service is catching on with many local authorities. And we recently added a new service: the Election Box. This is a complete package with materials for polling station staff: from signposting for the polling station to the red pencils. That way, everyone is as prepared as they can be on election day.

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