A customer loyalty scheme with the most imaginative finishing touch. JEA’s creative team pulled out all the stops for agency BrandLoyalty.

We and BrandLoyalty formed a creative team to devise a Disney loyalty concept for a major supermarket chain. We and this ad agency from ‘s-Hertogenbosch developed clever sticker packs and sticker albums for kids. To make the stickers extra special, we added all kinds of effects to stimulate the senses. Like glow-in-the-dark ink, high-relief and scented. And our paper engineers came up with an enchanting hologram effect especially for the sparkled dress of the little princess from Frozen.

Optimal distribution
JEA works closely with a variety of international agencies on creative concepts for loyalty programmes, while an ingenious system guarantees that all stickers are carefully distributed among the sticker packs, boxes and local supermarkets. Thanks to our algorithms, each child receives a different set of stickers every time.

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